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What Are The Ways To Serve New Orleans SnowBall In School Events?

In other parts of the world, a classic summer desert is known as a snow cone, while for others, it can be shaved ice. But for the New Orleans people, it is called snowballs. The New Orleans snow ball originated with the name itself in New Orleans in the 1930s, when locals from the region named George Ortolano and Ernest Hansen both separately invented electric ice-shaving machines. Their innovations produced better-shaved ice than what was previously made through the hand-chipping method, and thus, the popular summer delight dessert snowball was born. They are easy to make and cheap to produce as it is the most demandable frozen treat among the residents in the region.

It brings pure satisfaction to the people. It is celebrated as New Orleans Sno Ball Festival, which starts from the arrival of spring until the closing of summer. A snowball is a customizable sweet delight made with a mound of fluffy shaved ice, with different flavored sweet syrups, and topped or stuffed with a number of mix-ins and sweet toppings. These frozen treats come in small, medium, and large sizes with a range in price.

Ways To Serve SnowBall In School Events

The New Orleansians and the tourists who are visiting New Orleans have been enjoying the fruits and flavors of New Orleans snowball. It is the major tourist attraction for the visitors in New Orleans. Today, snowball trucks, and shops can be found on every street of New Orleans, offering traditional snowballs, and they can make twisted creations with unique flavors. The summertime classic desert is mostly preferred by the localities for events such as school events, social gatherings, weddings, church celebrations or other festivals. We will explore the ways to serve the snowballs at the school events and make them exciting and joyful.

1. Add A Photo Booth

You can elevate the vibe of your school events by making them interesting and create a fun atmosphere by adding snowballs with a photo booth. It is considered in the creative Instagram-worthy backdrop that will make the school students enjoy the event. Create a photo frame that matches the theme and come up with a funny hashtag to attract the students. The simple addition is a great way to make sure your event gets more publicity, which is impactful for businesses, cities, and schools.

2. Get A Snowball Truck

Get in contact with the snowball providers in New Orleans and benefit by establishing the snowball truck in the school event. Firstly, it will attract students in a wide range as the truck is itself a factor of grabbing attention. Decorate the truck with cardstock, streamers, and other fun decorations. Connect it with the portable speaker or a smartphone playing an ice cream truck jingle. Load up your snowballs and make rounds during your event to ensure everyone’s got a frozen treat on their hand.

3. Hold SnowBall Games

Snowballs are the delightful sweet that is loved by the kids in school events. They can enjoy the taste of it and can actively participate in the fun activities to get their favorite snowballs. You can hold games like snowball eating contests, guess the flavor of snowballs, ice cream cone relay and other fun activities to make the event fun and enjoyable. 

Popular Snowball Flavors

There are a range of flavors of snowballs from stand to stand in New Orleans. However, there’s typically an extensive selection to choose from all types of different flavors of New Orleans sno ball. From fruity flavors to creamy creations, the choice is yours. Standard flavors like strawberry, wedding cake, blue raspberry, and others are common flavors yet in demand and can be found at any stand. Unique flavors like bananas foster, praline pecan, king cake, and others can be found at selective shops across the city. Some shops use local produce, like satsumas, to fresh, only-in-New Orleans flavors that give the personal touch of the region.

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